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with: town: Igny
department: Essonne (91)
region/state: Ile-de-France
country: France
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Is Paris Burning? (1966) View the IMDB sheet (new window)
Director: René CLEMENT
Casting: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Charles Boyer, Leslie Caron, Jean-Pierre Cassel, George Chakiris, Bruno Cremer, Claude Dauphin

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Timing Film moment: at 2h04min, scene in the middle of a crossroads where Leclerc (Claude RICH) reproaches Captain Dronne (Georges STAQUET) for having obeyed an idiotic order and deplorable effect when entering Paris of the inscription painted on his jeep
Place du 8 Mai 1945
Igny (91430)
91 - Essonne / Ile-de-France / FRANCE
Updated on April 23rd, 2017 
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