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with: town: Mandres-les-Roses
department: Val-de-Marne (94)
region/state: Ile-de-France
country: France
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Nestor Burma: season 1, episode 30 'Burma et la belle de Paris' (1998)
TV serie
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Director: Philippe VENAULT
Casting: Guy Marchand, Pierre Tornade, Patrick Guillemin, Jeanne Savary, Michel Fortin, Anne Deleuze, Thiam Aïssatou
Timing based on a total duration of 1h29min17sec

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Timing Film moment: from 7min50sec to 10min46sec, scene of the arrival by car of Burma (Guy MARCHAND) to the greenhouses of Fournier (Philippe DUCLOS) the incendiary reconverted in the tomato
21 rue de la Fossé Parrot
Mandres-les-Roses (94520)
94 - Val-de-Marne / Ile-de-France / FRANCE
Updated on January 18th, 2018 
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