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with: title: Famille Duraton (La)
year: 1939
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Famille Duraton (La) (1939) View the IMDB sheet (new window)
Director: Christian STENGEL
Casting: Noël-Noël, Jules Berry, Alfred Adam, Pierre Athon, Blanchette Brunoy, Jacqueline Cadet, Julien Carette

1 location found
Schedule Film moment: from 6min05sec to 7min09sec, family scene in front of the garage with Lisette (Blanchette BRUNOY), Mr. Massard (Marcel VALLEE) and Georges Massard (André CERTES) then from 52min45sec to 53min25sec, scene of George Massard (André CERTES) the night in front of the garage and from 1h05min57sec to 1h06min30sec, scene of Mr. Massard (Marcel VALLEE) in the garage
Garage de la Gare, 11 avenue de Saint-Germain
Marly-le-Roi (78160)
78 - Yvelines / Ile-de-France / FRANCE
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