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You appreciate L2TC.com? Then why not to take part in its evolution?
Here some means of doing it:

  • To capture information
    The capture of informations of shot locations consists in looking at films meticulously, in particular:
    - their external backgrounds
    - panels, posters and registration plates
    - thanks at the end of the credits
    These places must be visible in film to have interest.
    For an already existing film on the site, the button facilitate the addition of shot locations,
    if not, use the form "Send informations" accessible in the menu.
    Finally, use the mail address to send many additions.
    You can be quoted like source of this information by adding "Source=" in front of your name, pseudo or mail.
    With defect, the mention "a net surfer" is given in source.

  • To speak about the site
    Because each one of us knows shot locations, speak about this site around you!
    The more we are to send testimony, the more this site will be complete!
    All the means are good: by word of mouth, forums, blogs...

  • To display the L2TC.com banner
    We are numerous to have a web site. A banner or a simple link towards L2TC.com can already make known this site very effectively!
    You will find L2TC.com banners and code HTML associated on this page.

  • To support L2TC.com
    L2TC.com is a free and voluntarily managed site.
    That has a cost: disk space, technical and administrative management, research, updates...
    You can make very simply a gift by credit card with Paypal.
    Click on the logo below, then pay the amount of your choice by Visa card or with your Paypal account.

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